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Workshop on veterinary antimicrobials for microbiologists and pharmacologists, college residents, regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical companies...

A conference day followed by a 3-day workshop

Registration fees include lunch and coffee breaks but not dinners and accommodation. The Workshop dinner on Wednesday 13 September will be sponsored by Biomerieux. On request, a letter of invitation can be provided. This may assist potential participants in raising travel funds, course fees or obtaining a visa.

For those attending the whole Workshop

  • The overall objective of Workshop is to give attendees a broad overview of the main tools (basic and more advanced) that will be used by VETCAST to determine clinical breakpoints.
  • The Workshop is targeted at individuals already possessing a basic understanding of PK and PD concepts, including basic population PK analysis and who expect to be involved in some aspect of data analysis to establish clinical breakpoints.
  • The course will comprise a series of lectures and  practical exercises, which delegates will solve  utilizing two computer software programmes (Phoenix/WinNonlin® and Crystal ball )
  • Prior to the Workshop (a few weeks in advance) , you will be   provided with educational licences to download, if required,  Phoenix® and Crystal ball® software programmes  onto your personal laptop (which you will bring to the Workshop) . You will be encouraged to familiarise yourself with theses softwares before attending the Workshop, if you they are new to you.
  • It is required that attendees will: (1) have appropriate skills in using Excel; (2) possess a pocket calculator with exponential and logarithmic functions and (3) be familiar with basic statistical methods. Attendees do not have to be skilled mathematicians to benefit from the course but they will be expected to work with exponential equations.
  • All test exercises have been carefully designed to allow attendees to proceed in a step-by-step progressive manner. Tutors will be on hand to advise and assist as required.

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