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Nitrogen Workshop 2018

Call for abstracts

20th N workshop

Conference theme – call for contributions:

The conference aims at presenting advances in monitoring, understanding and modelling the nitrogen transfers and transformations in the environment and agrifood chain. Scientific and societal issues related to nitrogen cycle are quite diverse: contributions from all disciplines, as well as multidisciplinary approaches will be welcome. Papers on recent results or ongoing projects are expected, but broader perspectives including considerations on the progress of N science since the early 1980’s will also be welcome.

The main topics of the conference will be:

  • N dynamics at fine scales (from microsite to plot).

Examples of subtopics: N cycle in soils under different landuses or management practices, plant N nutrition (including plant microbiome studies), N fixation, gaseous emissions, NO3, NH4 and DON leaching, residue and manure decomposition (including composting), livestock building emissions…

  • N dynamics at broader scales (from landscape-catchment to global)

Examples of subtopics: Upscaling/downscaling, catchment/regional N budgets, hydrological controls on N transfers, N retention in landscape, hydrological vs biogeochemical N legacy...   

  • N coupling from process studies to environmental impact: how does nitrogen interact with C-P-S?

Examples of subtopics: Coupling of C-N-P-S fluxes and pools,  effects of environmental stress/perturbations or management practices on this coupling, stoichiometry of extracellular soil enzymes, stoichiometry of soil, microbial communities, plants, aquatic biota and relationships with ecological processes and ecosystem services, effect of different stoichiometries of input on nutrient cycling, in particular N…

  • N management in farming and agrifood systems, including livestock-cropping systems interactions. 

Examples of subtopics: Legume-based cropping systems, crop associations, mix farming, effects of regional specialization of production systems on N losses, mitigation measures and policies, prospective scenarios, food transition…

Plenary sessions of the N workshop will occur on 25 and 26 June 2018, composed of (1) oral presentation sessions and (2) extended poster sessions preceded by short presentations of selected posters. The morning of 27 June will be dedicated to visits related to themes of the workshop.

Side event: Nutrient management and decision support systems

The side event links the knowledge of processes affecting nitrogen and other nutrient cycling and their use for managing cropping and livestock systems.

The side event focuses on decision-support tools for inorganic and organic crop fertilization, and diagnostic tools for nutrient management. This seminar aims to provide a relatively complete overview of approaches developed in various European countries and beyond, and to discuss them according to several aspects:

  • The conceptual bases of decision-support tools: which approaches are developed in which countries? What operating scales (field, farm, region) do these decision-support tools cover? What farming systems are addressed?
  • What tools are available for managing multiple nutrients at the same time?
  • Tool dissemination, and tool use with/by actors: which methods, which problems?
  • National and European regulations: to what extent are they integrated in tools, and how?

These issues will be addressed over the course of a day, on Wednesday 27 June 2018, combining a workshop of tool demonstrations, poster presentations and oral presentations in plenary session.  Proposals for contributions to this side event should be submitted on the common Workshop website, specifying the wish: demonstration of a tool, oral presentation, presentation in the form of a poster.

Authors are welcome to submit abstracts until the 31st January 2018 (period extended)